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Wed Apr 17, 2019

Online Training goes Open Source

I’m kind of late to the game on this, but I think the idea is so great with automation threatening a lot of jobs in the future. I recently came across this video with Quincy Larson on of the founders of Free Code Camp. This is a talk about JAMstack, but has a good explanation of how their courses are open source.

Wed Apr 3, 2019

First Taste of Automation That Made Me Go "Wow!"

When researching how to build Bugo I both Forestry and Netlify had and option for using as a media CDN. So I signed up for an account and thought it was great. I incorporated their transformations for creating large hero graphics, small post thumbnails, even shapes, but I was missing out on a feature that blew my mind. Cloudinary’s transforms have a AI that can do some really great things.