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Boldly Go Were No Website Has Gone Before

Launched a new site this week for all you Star Trek Fans. Startrekdesignproject.com collects the symbols used from the Star Trek franchise. The site was built with Bugo (a framework I’m developing for static sites). It’s primary a taxonomy driven site which allows you to find symbols based on affiliation, franchise, quadrant, time period and universe. Neato.

Choosing the right images

Choosing the right images for your website is not as easy as it looks. The first thing you need to realize is that not all images are created equal. Just because an image looks good doesn’t mean it will fit into your website’s design. You need to also consider aspect ratio and image size. The basics Most pictures fall into one of two orientations: Portrait and Landscape.

How to add vCards to Hugo

One of the great things about Hugo is that it can output just about any type of file. I ran into the need to add a vCard to profiles on a client’s site and finally got to use it. First let’s setup Hugo to output a .vcf file. Open your site’s config file and edit and add vcf to your outputFormats.

Online Training goes Open Source

I’m kind of late to the game on this, but I think the idea is so great with automation threatening a lot of jobs in the future. I recently came across this video with Quincy Larson on of the founders of Free Code Camp. This is a talk about JAMstack, but has a good explanation of how their courses are open source.

Boost Page Speed & Save Time Generating Critical CSS

If you’ve built a website in the last few years, you undoubtedly have heard of Google’s Page Speed Insights. One consistent score I’ve struggled with delivering critical css in a separate file from my site’s main css. It seems like I never have the time to pull the critical above the fold styles and put them in their own file.

First Taste of Automation That Made Me Go "Wow!"

When researching how to build Bugo I both Forestry and Netlify had and option for using Cloudinary.com as a media CDN. So I signed up for an account and thought it was great. I incorporated their transformations for creating large hero graphics, small post thumbnails, even shapes, but I was missing out on a feature that blew my mind. Cloudinary’s transforms have a AI that can do some really great things.

Glyphix launches jfla.org

We launched another site today at Glyphix. JFLA offers interest free loans to people in need. Their website is a JAM Stack site. It was built on my Bugo Framework. It features: Menus with custom content for section Custom icons for they’re loan programs Constant Contact integration All the Bugo sweetness Check jfla.org out