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Fri May 24, 2019 rebuilt with Bugo

I’ve had such success with Bugo that Glyphix let me rebuild their WordPress website in Bugo. We saw significant increases in Google PageSpeed scores by moving to Bugo. Visit

Wed May 22, 2019

Boldly Go Where No Website Has Gone Before

Launched a new site this week for all you Star Trek Fans. collects the symbols used from the Star Trek franchise. The site was built with Bugo (a framework I’m developing for static sites). It’s primarily a taxonomy driven site which allows you to find symbols based on affiliation, franchise, quadrant, time period and universe. Neato.

Fri May 17, 2019

Introducing Bugo

I have finally gotten far enough along with Bugo that I think I can share it with the world. I’ve been building it for about 6 months now. Bugo is a service-based framework that leverages services and libraries to build, deploy and serve static websites. I’ve coupled it with Hugo, Bootstrap,, and Cloudinary com. I’ve been developing with it at work and I’m seeing a significant increases in productivity.

Mon Apr 1, 2019

Glyphix launches

We launched another site today at Glyphix. JFLA offers interest free loans to people in need. Their website is a JAM Stack site. It was built on my Bugo Framework. It features: Menus with custom content for section Custom icons for they’re loan programs Constant Contact integration All the Bugo sweetness Check out