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Fri May 17, 2019

Introducing Bugo

I have finally gotten far enough along with Bugo that I think I can share it with the world. I’ve been building it for about 6 months now. Bugo is a service-based framework that leverages services and libraries to build, deploy and serve static websites. I’ve coupled it with Hugo, Bootstrap,, and Cloudinary com. I’ve been developing with it at work and I’m seeing a significant increases in productivity.

Wed Apr 17, 2019

How to add vCards to Hugo

One of the great things about Hugo is that it can output just about any type of file. I ran into the need to add a vCard to profiles on a client’s site and finally got to use it. First let’s setup Hugo to output a .vcf file. Open your site’s config file and edit and add vcf to your outputFormats.