My original training is in graphic design, but when the web was young I jumped in head first. This gives me a unique perspective on web development, because I understand both design and programming. Agency work has allowed me to build a lot of websites over the years. I’m currently building a framework that is the sum of this experience.

Boldly Go Were No Website Has Gone Before

Launched a new site this week for all you Star Trek Fans. collects the symbols used from the Star Trek franchise. The site was built with Bugo (a framework I’m developing for static sites). It’s primary a taxonomy driven site which allows you to find symbols based on affiliation, franchise, quadrant, time period and universe. Neato.
Choosing an image can be a daunting task.

Choosing the right images

Choosing the right images for your website is not as easy as it looks. The first thing you need to realize is that not all images are created equal. Just because an image looks good doesn’t mean it will fit into your website’s design. You need to also consider aspect ratio and image size. The basics Most pictures fall into one of two orientations: Portrait and Landscape.

How to add vCards to Hugo

One of the great things about Hugo is that it can output just about any type of file. I ran into the need to add a vCard to profiles on a client’s site and finally got to use it. First let’s setup Hugo to output a .vcf file. Open your site’s config file and edit and add vcf to your outputFormats.